As global warming worsens, many companies and organizations are choosing to reduce their carbon footprints. Or to make contributions for sustainability, water-neutrality, corporate social responsibility, or employee engagement. Others simply want to contribute to the greening of their local communities to show they care about the places their customers and employees live and work.   

Our protocols and registry supply the missing links to connect urban forest projects with these buyers and contributors.  

We are a national non-profit organization based in Seattle issuing carbon and quantified co-benefit credits to urban forest projects in the U.S. Our scientists and our national drafting group developed these credits as specialized and charismatic credits, delivering a suite of ecosystem benefits to residents of cities and towns, where they are needed most. 

City Forest Carbon+ Credits

Companies can purchase these Carbon+ Credits to invest efficiently, reliably, and locally in climate solutions:

  • Local Urban Greening of Cities: Projects are implemented locally, with visible and quantified ecosystem benefits
  • Your Community: You can buy credits in cities where you operate and your customers and employees live. Both your dollars and the environmental benefits stay local
  • Carbon+: Credits are unique bundled credits that include quantified storm water reduction, air quality benefits, and energy savings (cooling), along with a quantified metric ton of CO₂
  • Media Over Time in Cities: Favorable media extends to local officials and NGOs implementing projects, community leaders, and your company, all over many years as a park, riparian area, open space, or neighborhood is transformed
  • Local to Global: The credits enable local projects to deliver local benefits that also address a global problem, through a national, non-profit organization

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